RS Industrial awarded EcoVadis Silver Medal in Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility Assessment

Last week RS Industrial was awarded an EcoVadis Silver Medal for its efforts in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability. RS Industrial joined the EcoVadis platform to further support our commitment to our customers and ourselves in Environmental Impact, Sustainable Procurement, Labor and Human Rights, and Ethics. EcoVadis is a global company that has streamlined assessments

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Adhesive Squares™ give manufacturer fast and easy solution needed to build medical PPE for COVID-19

At a time when it seems the whole world has been put on hold, our nation’s PPE manufacturers and essential supply infrastructure are busier than ever, and RS Industrial is committed to helping them resolve obstacles that come up during these critical times. Last week, a customer contacted RS Industrial looking for a solution for

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Distant but United: The Industry’s Response to COVID-19

It’s hard these days to not be consumed by news reports, daily policy changes, and new findings about COVID-19. News of the virus has completely consumed US and global attention, and the spread of the virus has dramatically changed the daily life of our nation. In a country where widespread shutdowns seemed almost unfathomable a

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Are You Applying Too Much Adhesive?

When applying adhesive, putting down more is not necessarily better. Applying too much adhesive is often the cause of field failures, such as pop-opens. You can save on costs and increase your production by applying just the right amount of adhesive. How do you know when you’re applying too much adhesive? Too much adhesive will

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Localized, Responsive Adhesive Experts

When customers tell us what they like the most about our company, they often comment on our quick response and “localized” technical service.  At RSI, we set our company apart by offering a high standard of customer service and technical support that simply isn’t offered by other adhesive competitors. When you contact us, you’ll immediately

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Testing Adhesive Bonds for Heat Stress

Our on-site lab performs a wide range of adhesive tests to give our customers peace of mind when making product recommendations. For example, we measure how well an adhesive bond holds up to various stressors, such as heat, through the industry-standard IOPP (Institute of Packaging Professionals) heat stress test. What is the IOPP heat stress

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What Is the Shelf Life of Adhesives?

The new year is here, and there’s no better time like now to make sure your adhesive inventory has not gone beyond its shelf life. The shelf life is considered the period of time an adhesive remains usable after being manufactured and shipped to the facility. At RSI, our on-site lab has many products in

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Let RSI Maximize Your Case & Carton Sealing Efficiency

Case and carton sealing generally consists of processing, erecting, filling and sealing all types of case or carton materials. Specific examples include folding carton sealing, tray and bliss forming, and corrugated container closure. Accomplishing much more than a simple seal, our wide selection of case and carton adhesives provide ultra-strength bonds for reliability, lightning fast

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So Many Uses for Our Glue…Who Knew?

At RSI, we put our creativity to the test and challenged team members to show up to work in their ugliest Christmas sweaters! Here’s what some members of our team came up with: Needless to say, lots of glue was used in the process! Everyone had a blast creating and wearing their sweaters. You can

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Q&A: Serving Our Customers

What is RSI’s definition of customer service? Customer service is the core of every business. It is going above and beyond to serve the customer. It means providing a quality product or service that satisfies the customer, keeps them coming back, and sets your business apart from others. Many companies claim to offer excellent customer

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