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Bottle Labeling Just Got Smarter

Just how smart is the average bottle of wine? Apparently, it's gotten a lot smarter. The beverage industry has just announced the launch of its its first-ever "smart wine bottle." Developed using Thinfilm technology, the wine bottle uses thin, electronic sensors that can detect when the bottle has been opened and where the bottle is

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5 Packaging Designs that Stand Out

Packaging has the ability to make or break a purchase. Products that stand out on the shelf against their competitors are more likely to find themselves in the hands of the consumer versus those that lack appeal. Presentation is powerful. Asya Tsuruta, writer at Repsly, highlights five companies that hit the nail on the head

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The Importance of Having a Food Packaging Safety Advocate

Do you have someone on your team rooting for food packaging safety? Gary Kestenbaum, senior food packaging safety consultant with EHA Consulting Group, shares his thoughts on why organizations should have an internal advocate, someone who is passionate about the cause, when it comes to effectively implementing a food packaging safety program. Read the full

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Case Study: How RS Industrial Resolved One Customer’s Case Failures

An adhesive with the ability to withstand high heat was critical for this food manufacturer. It became apparent that their cases holding heated food product were failing, causing pop-opens at their climate controlled warehouse. Not knowing the source of the problem or the solution, the food manufacturer turned to RS Industrial for technical expertise.  

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