hot melt purge cleaning compound

Hot Melt Cleaner for Adhesive Char and Gel

Polar Purge™ is a hot melt purge compound that melts just like a hot melt in your tank, working to thoroughly clean your system of char and gel formation, prevent clogged nozzles, and stop premature equipment failure.

Polar Purge™ hot melt purge compound is a safe and environmentally-friendly solution that limits production downtime and ensures that your hot melt equipment does not fail due to build-up of char.

Benefits of Polar Purge™ Hot Melt Cleaner

  • Prevents clogged nozzles

  • Prevents premature equipment failure

  • Reduces char build-up in tanks

  • Safe and environmentally friendly

  • Limits production downtime

  • Lowers maintenance costs

Adhesives 101

Hot melt hoses are the #1 problem with hot melt tanks. Be sure to change your hot melt hoses every 3-4 years.