When applying adhesive, putting down more is not necessarily better. Applying too much adhesive is often the cause of field failures, such as pop-opens. You can save on costs and increase your production by applying just the right amount of adhesive.

How do you know when you’re applying too much adhesive?

Too much adhesive will often cause both sides of the substrate to pop open as well as stringing, which is much like the effect of stepping on chewing gum. Hot melt bonds cure through the loss of heat. Too much hot melt prevents the bond from cooling down or curing before coming out of compression, causing it to pop open.

Our team of technical service analysts can help you identify whether too much glue is being used. We will visit your facility and conduct an Adhesive Efficiency Audit free of charge. During the adhesive audit, we’ll document your parameters and identify any potential areas for improvement. We’ll help you get the best adhesive performance, using as little as possible.

We recommend several ways to decrease your consumption; these include changing equipment air pressures, decreasing adhesive application temperatures within the recommended range, or downsizing your nozzles by one or two sizes. We also offer premium adhesives that can increase your mileage.

By using less adhesive, you’ll reduce your cost per unit. Since the adhesive takes less time to cure, you’ll also increase your production. For more information, contact us at 1-800-844-1740 or info@rsindustrial.com. We’d love the opportunity to optimize your adhesive process!