1. What is RSI’s definition of customer service? Customer service is the core of every business. It is going above and beyond to serve the customer. It means providing a quality product or service that satisfies the customer, keeps them coming back, and sets your business apart from others. Many companies claim to offer excellent customer service, but that is rarely the case. At RSI, it is our choice and desire to serve the customer. We want to help our customers and to see success in their business. Customers pay our checks—without customers, we wouldn’t exist.
  2. How important is our relationship with our customers? RS Industrial has been building relationships for more than 20 years. We believe that trust is the foundation of any good relationship, so we go above and beyond to establish trust with our customers. Listening to the customers’ needs and executing quality solutions strengthens that trust. A strong relationship with our customers allows them to be at ease because they know we are looking out for their best interest and will serve them with honesty and excellence.
  3. In what ways does RSI support customers? RSI is here to serve the customer 24/7. We feel it is important to be available any time of the day to help serve our customers’ needs and emergencies, no matter what time of day. Additionally, RSI has a full service lab that can provide prompt solutions and suggestions for the customers’ needs. We love glue, and we want to learn everything we can about it. We feel that the more knowledge we obtain about the products we offer, the better we can serve our customers.
  4. What makes our customer service stand out compared to other companies?  We are dedicated to making sure your order ships and delivers on time. We have strategically placed warehouses in various locations so our shipments can ship the same day and, in most cases, deliver the next day (this is provided at no extra cost to our customers!). We can even provide shipping solutions on the weekend and after hours if the need arises.
  5. Describe a time when RSI has gone above and beyond for a customer? We recently had a customer in Virginia who ran out of product on a Friday evening.  The customer called at 11:30 on a Friday night. We asked them to put their trust in us. RSI was able to get a pallet of glue picked up and delivered to them in less than 12 hours, preventing a plant shut down. We considered this a chance to help our customer and further build our relationship. We welcome every opportunity to provide all of our customers with that same level of service.