Case and carton sealing generally consists of processing, erecting, filling and sealing all types of case or carton materials. Specific examples include folding carton sealing, tray and bliss forming, and corrugated container closure.

Accomplishing much more than a simple seal, our wide selection of case and carton adhesives provide ultra-strength bonds for reliability, lightning fast set speeds for increased production, and reduced consumption for sustainability. Behind every case and carton we seal is an adhesive unrivaled in performance. Whether your application requires a freezer-grade adhesive or one that can penetrate wax coated corrugate, we supply a versatile range of case and carton adhesives to ensure you never have to worry about another pop-open or field-failure.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to seamlessly integrate our adhesives into your existing case and carton sealing machinery. There are no limitations with our clean-running adhesives designed to maximize efficiency using your high-speed case and carton equipment. Our hot melt adhesives exhibit top-notch thermal stability, reducing char and decreasing downtime in your facility.

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