Adhesive Selection for Case and Carton Substrates

Case and carton sealing is one of our largest adhesive markets. There are many factors we consider when helping customers achieve a successful bond, but the substrate is one of the most important. Before making any product recommendations, our technical service team will analyze your substrates. For instance, some substrates with coatings will require an

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Q&A: Behind Technical Service

What are the different ways technical service is involved with customers? Technical service often gets involved with the customer’s process to initially help make product recommendations based on the process and application. Anytime a new adhesive is identified for a customer, technical service is on site during an adhesive trial to ensure the product performs

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Adhesive Tips for Cold Weather

Fall is in full swing and temperatures are dropping. These colder temperatures can affect your hot melt and water-based adhesive applications and bonds, so we’ve compiled some solutions for these common problems. Using Hot Melts Low temperatures increase adhesive viscosity, which can cause messy stringing during hot melt application. But with a few adjustments, you

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Q&A: Inside the RSI Lab

We sat down with our Technical Service Chemist, Gabby Leeds, to learn more about the lab at RS Industrial: 1. How does the RSI lab benefit customers? The lab is really used for three main functions: Quality Analysis, Product Recommendations, and R&D. With quality analysis, we are able to give peace of mind to the

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What Defines Sustainable Packaging?

Sustainability is a current hot topic within any industry. Companies desire to provide more sustainable products and adopt more sustainable business operations. With this in mind, packaging is an issue that has come to the forefront and must be considered in any company’s sustainability game plan. But what is considered sustainable packaging? According to the

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