Reduce Failures and Cost with the Right Adhesive Amount

When it comes to using hot melts, it can be easy to think that the more glue you apply, the better adhesion you’ll get. But this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, applying more glue than needed can hurt your bottom line. Overconsumption can result in adhesive stringing and slow set speeds, leading to pop-opens

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Adhere to These 3 Best Practices for Optimal Hot Melt Performance

Throughout the day, your priority is making sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently in the plant to yield maximum production. Although a small part of the overall process, this includes your hot melt operation. There are many contributing factors that can impact the performance of your hot melt, but knowing the best practices that every

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Hot Melts 101: PSAs

Welcome to Hot Melts 101, an ongoing series of articles where we discuss various types of hot melt adhesives. So far, we’ve addressed EVAs and metallocenes. This time around, we will focus on PSAs (pressure sensitive adhesives). Pressure sensitive adhesives are hot melts that require pressure to bond their substrates, hence the name. Based on

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Hot Melts 101: Metallocenes

Recently, we began a series of articles called Hot Melts 101, focusing on various types of hot melts. In our first installment, we discussed the advantages of EVA hot melt adhesives. This time, we will focus on metallocenes. A metallocene is a hot melt composed of metal catalyzed polyethylene. This adhesive is designed for case

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Hot Melts 101: EVA

When we talk about hot melts, there are several types of hot melts that make up this broad category of adhesives.  Each hot melt has its own unique chemistry that offers specific characteristics to benefit your application. One of the most common hot melt adhesives found in packaging and converting operations is ethylene vinyl acetate

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