At RS Industrial, we embrace the responsibility of being good stewards of our people, our environment and our customers. It is our mission as a company to faithfully deliver gluing solutions to the world’s sticky situations and to do so in a manner that honors the resources which we are given. As such, we have committed to the three pillars below to ensure we are striving every day to improve as a company.

  • Develop a full line of products that help our customers reduce waste, decrease energy consumption and/or facilitate the recycling process of their products
  • Decrease waste in energy and water consumption and increase recycling habits internally
  • Strengthen our supply chain transparency and code of conduct to ensure customers always know our products are procured and produced in an ethical manner

EcoVadis CSR Certified

RS Industrial joined the EcoVadis platform to reiterate our commitment to our customers and ourselves in regard to Environmental Impact, Sustainable Procurement, Labor and Human Rights, and Ethics. EcoVadis is a global company that has streamlined assessments for companies across all industries and provides an evidence-based assessment “built on international sustainability standards, including the Global Reporting Initiative, the United Nations Global Compact, and the ISO 26000”. The assessments additionally provide tools to companies to help drive improvements in all areas of sustainability, ethical sourcing and labor and human rights.

RS Industrial is proud to announce that our company placed in the top 15% of all businesses assessed by EcoVadis and the top 4% percent in our industry. RS Industrial plans to continue driving improvements and innovation and displaying our commitment to Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility in the years ahead.

Energy and Water Consumption Reporting

Water Usage

Energy Consumption