RSI's Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

At RS Industrial, we embrace the responsibility of being good stewards of our people, our environment and our customers. It is our mission as a company to faithfully deliver gluing solutions to the world’s sticky situations and to do so in a manner that honors the resources which we are given. As such, we have established three strategic initiatives to improve and help our customers be more sustainable.

Develop a full line of products that help our customers reduce waste, decrease energy consumption and/or facilitate the recycling process of their products

Begin to monitor and decrease Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions

Strengthen our supply chain transparency and code of conduct to ensure customers always know our products are procured and produced in an ethical manner

EcoVadis Certification

In 2019, RS Industrial committed to measuring and tracking our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives through EcoVadis. Since then, we have obtained Silver Medal status, with continued score improvement year over year.

Our sustainable solutions catalog, launched in 2021, gathers a list of adhesives that help customers reduce waste, decrease energy consumption or facilitate the recycling process

Through our auditing and monitoring program we have been able to reduce customer waste as much as 50%, ensuring our customers are responsible users of our technologies

Scope 1 and 2 Monitoring and Reduction


RSI's baseline year for GHG Scope 1 monitoring


Installation of LED lights across all Georgia campus

All electric forklift fleet


Energy Policy added to Employee Handbook

Supply Chain Transparency

Supplier code of conduct was reviewed and agreed upon by relevant stakeholders including RSI leadership, and suppliers. The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to procure products that are produced and sold in an ethical manner and promote transparency in the supply chain.

Onboarding rate among major suppliers