Our on-site lab performs a wide range of adhesive tests to give our customers peace of mind when making product recommendations. For example, we measure how well an adhesive bond holds up to various stressors, such as heat, through the industry-standard IOPP (Institute of Packaging Professionals) heat stress test.

What is the IOPP heat stress test?

This heat stress test models how packages will perform during thermal and mechanical stress typically experienced by a substrate. It predicts whether the package integrity will be maintained at elevated temperatures, which is important when customers have packaging that is exposed to heat at any point.

How do we perform a heat stress test?

Following the IOPP standard for testing, we:

  • Adhere the flaps of two corrugated samples with our top case and carton sealing adhesives
  • Apply force to the samples, using standard weights
  • Insert samples in the oven for 24 hours, at designated temperatures
  • After 24 hours, analyze bonds for failures

How does the heat stress test help our customers?

We perform additional testing to the industry standard that analyzes bond strength more rigorously. Pulling apart the bond and analyzing the fiber tear paints a clearer picture of the heat stress that is experienced by many of our customers, especially those in the food industry. These customers often have “hot packing” food applications where food products are pasteurized to kill bacteria and are then packaged while hot.

Further steps in our testing help us meet the requirements of customers who experience high heat stress such as this, allowing us to confidently make a product recommendation. For more information, contact us at 1-800-844-1740 or info@rsindustrial.com. Let us help you get the best adhesion possible for your application requiring heat resistance.