3 Adhesive Tips for Contract Packagers

Contract packaging can be a complex process. As a contract packager, you face many decisions when it comes to materials, such as corrugated flute thickness and coatings, ink colors, and the overall packaging design. Among all of these choices, an additional one contract packagers share is the use of adhesives. From assembly of multi-packs to

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Product Feature: ASP-3054

Get a lightning-fast adhesive without compromising quality. ASP-3054 is a premium metallocene hot melt that exhibits excellent bonds on a wide variety of paperboard and paper stocks, including some coated stock. This metallocene has excellent pot stability and medium viscosity for good machining on all standard hot melt application equipment. This reduces downtime, also cutting

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Product Feature: ASP-3020

Increase your packaging performance with a versatile hot melt. ASP-3020 exhibits excellent bonds on a wide variety of board and coated chip stock, also demonstrating great adhesion to recycled stock. This adhesive exhibits aggressive tack, which is important in applications where short compression sections are encountered. ASP-3020 is FDA-compliant for indirect food contact, resulting in

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Hot Melts 101: EVA

When we talk about hot melts, there are several types of hot melts that make up this broad category of adhesives.  Each hot melt has its own unique chemistry that offers specific characteristics to benefit your application. One of the most common hot melt adhesives found in packaging and converting operations is ethylene vinyl acetate

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