When we talk about hot melts, there are several types of hot melts that make up this broad category of adhesives.  Each hot melt has its own unique chemistry that offers specific characteristics to benefit your application.

One of the most common hot melt adhesives found in packaging and converting operations is ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). RS Industrial offers a full selection of EVA hot melts providing versatile adhesion and a broad range of temperature resistance against extreme heat and cold.

One major advantage of EVA’s is their ability to be formulated for a variety of end uses, such as freezer-grade adhesion or the bonding of difficult stocks. Our EVA’s can be designed to display excellent hot tack and allow penetration into difficult coatings such as wax or metalized PET. They can also be very fast setting to increase your production speed. They are a very versatile choice when it comes to accommodating your application and end use requirements.

Find out more about our line of EVA’s by contacting us at 1-800-844-1740 or info@rsindustrial.com. Click here read more about the different types of hot melts we offer.