Contract packaging can be a complex process. As a contract packager, you face many decisions when it comes to materials, such as corrugated flute thickness and coatings, ink colors, and the overall packaging design.

Among all of these choices, an additional one contract packagers share is the use of adhesives. From assembly of multi-packs to POP displays, adhesives are involved in many aspects of contract packaging.

While adhesives may be a small part of the process, following these tips can increase production and reduce costs in your facility.

Seek Adhesives for Multiple Uses
Contract packagers are often expected to handle a large assortment of packaging materials, sizes and weight strength requirements. A versatile adhesive that can handle multiple applications and consolidate inventory can be extremely beneficial and cost effective. When you can reduce the number of adhesives being used in your facility, you can reduce the costs in several ways:

• Reworking due to accidental use of the wrong adhesive
• Ease of ordering for purchasing agents
• Reduced downtime caused by adhesive change overs

Rely on Easy-to-Use Products
Now, more than ever before, contract packagers are having to rely more heavily on temporary employees. Products that are easy to use and require very little training can not only help you meet production quotas, but also increase your productivity.

Work with a Trustworthy Adhesive Supplier
The co-packer-supplier relationship is extremely important in finding the right adhesive for your application. Expectations are high and contract packagers need a supplier that will work diligently by their side to provide great peace of mind. Fast service, adaptability, customization and product technology are all valuable qualities in an adhesive supplier.

If you have more questions about finding the right adhesive for your contract packaging operation, the adhesive experts at RS Industrial can help you.