Get a lightning-fast adhesive without compromising quality. ASP-3054 is a premium metallocene hot melt that exhibits excellent bonds on a wide variety of paperboard and paper stocks, including some coated stock. This metallocene has excellent pot stability and medium viscosity for good machining on all standard hot melt application equipment. This reduces downtime, also cutting maintenance cost.

ASP-3054 exhibits fast set and aggressive tack, which increases production speed and is important where short compression sections are encountered. In addition, its wide service temperature range reduces product spoilage. RS Industrial has created Adhesion Science Products to meet our customers’ specific application requirements, including high-speed production. Let us develop a technical solution for you.


APPLICATION: Case and Carton Sealing

VISCOSITY: 1150 cps @ 350°F


SOLIDS: 100%

FORM: Chips

COLOR: Clear-White