Welcome to Hot Melts 101, an ongoing series of articles where we discuss various types of hot melt adhesives. So far, we’ve addressed EVAs and metallocenes. This time around, we will focus on PSAs (pressure sensitive adhesives).

Pressure sensitive adhesives are hot melts that require pressure to bond their substrates, hence the name. Based on their elastomer compositions, PSAs are divided into categories of rubbers, acrylics and silicones.  Acrylic-based PSAs provide good UV resistance, silicones feature high chemical and solvent resistance, and rubber-based PSAs offer instant adhesion and flexibility.

Pressure sensitive adhesives are very versatile since they can be formulated for both removable and permanent applications. They can be used for case and carton sealing, point of purchase displays, contract packaging, product assembly, direct mail and more.

At RS Industrial, we offer a full selection of double-sided, rubber-based PSAs under our Adhesive Squares™ product line. Adhesive Squares™ are available in strips, patches and squares to fit your exact product specifications.

For more information about our line of pressure sensitive adhesives or other types of hot melts, contact us at 1-800-844-1740 or info@rsindustrial.com. We’ll help you find the right hot melt for your application!