Recently, we began a series of articles called Hot Melts 101, focusing on various types of hot melts. In our first installment, we discussed the advantages of EVA hot melt adhesives. This time, we will focus on metallocenes.

A metallocene is a hot melt composed of metal catalyzed polyethylene. This adhesive is designed for case and carton sealing and packaging. RS Industrial offers a complete line of metallocenes providing excellent performance in a wide range of applications. Our selection includes 350°F metallocenes as well as lower temperature metallocenes.

Due to their high degree of crystallinity, the polymers in metallocenes are more rigid, allowing them to offer a wider service temperature range than traditional packaging adhesives. This also allows metallocenes to exhibit good heat and cold resistance, reducing your product returns and pop-opens.

Additionally, metallocenes have superior thermal stability at elevated temperatures, compared to all other hot melt technology. Thermal stability allows for clean machining, preventing char as well as clogged nozzles and hoses. These benefits decrease downtime and maintenance costs in your facility.

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