Bottle Labeling Just Got Smarter

Just how smart is the average bottle of wine? Apparently, it's gotten a lot smarter. The beverage industry has just announced the launch of its its first-ever "smart wine bottle." Developed using Thinfilm technology, the wine bottle uses thin, electronic sensors that can detect when the bottle has been opened and where the bottle is

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Troubleshooting Your Bottle Labeling Issues-Part 2

Last week, we shared Part I of our Bottle Labeling Troubleshooting Guide with you. In case you missed it, you can find it here. We've also re-posted it below alongside Part II. By now, you're familiar with what may cause your labels to wrinkle or blister as well as curl away from bottles. But what

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Troubleshooting Your Bottle Labeling Issues-Part I

If your process involves bottle labeling, you know how much unexpected issues can hurt your bottom line. When labels fail to adhere properly to bottles, reworks and downtime can increase your costs and decrease production. Since bottle labeling can be a complex application, there are many potential issues that may arise, along with a wide

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