Custom Adhesive Increases Gift Retailer’s Productivity & Shelf Appeal

A gift retailer was looking for an adhesive to hold products in place for gourmet gift box and basket assembly. The customer was initially using tape to hold the items in place, but this decreased their productivity. This prompted the switch to a pressure sensitive adhesive, but the first product didn't meet their application requirements.

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Product Feature: Adhesive Squares™ T

Get an instant, permanent bond that provides superior heat resistance. Adhesive Squares™ “T” is an aggressive, double-sided pressure sensitive adhesive that is versatile to accommodate a wide variety of applications, such as packaging, case and carton sealing and point of purchase displays. This PSA offers excellent adhesion for a variety of substrates, including paper, plastic

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Hot Melts 101: PSAs

Welcome to Hot Melts 101, an ongoing series of articles where we discuss various types of hot melt adhesives. So far, we’ve addressed EVAs and metallocenes. This time around, we will focus on PSAs (pressure sensitive adhesives). Pressure sensitive adhesives are hot melts that require pressure to bond their substrates, hence the name. Based on

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