Product Feature: Adhesive Squares™ T

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Product Feature: Adhesive Squares™ T

Get an instant, permanent bond that provides superior heat resistance. Adhesive Squares™ “T” is an aggressive, double-sided pressure sensitive adhesive that is versatile to accommodate a wide variety of applications, such as packaging, case and carton sealing and point of purchase displays.

This PSA offers excellent adhesion for a variety of substrates, including paper, plastic and metal. It features high tack and peel, providing good cohesive strength. Adhesive Squares™ T is also FDA-compliant for indirect food contact, resulting in excellent performance in food packaging applications.

The Adhesive Squares™ product line is designed to provide customers with an instant, easy-to-use bonding solution. Read more about this product in our latest press release.


180° PEEL: 6.5 lbs
90° PEEL: 4.2 lbs
SHEAR (1kg @ 72 hrs): 40 hours
SAFT: 165°F