Move over, E-books. Print is Making Its Comeback

There’s something special about flipping through the pages of a print book. It is certainly a personal experience that cannot be replaced by the electronic e-book version. This seems to be a sentiment that many of today’s readers share. According to the Association of American Publishers, e-book sales declined 18.7% during the first three quarters

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Judging a Book Beyond its Cover: QC for Bookbinding

At a time when customers can choose between e-books or print books, today’s print and publishing market is competitive. But despite the growth of digital communications, print still remains the most popular format for books. With the print industry showing no signs of slowing down, there is little room for quality issues. Books must be

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How Spine Glue Thickness Can Affect Bookbinding Integrity

When you pick up a book, have you ever wondered how all of the pages manage to stay together? How some books pass through the hands of many and remain in good condition to be enjoyed by the next person? Next time you sit down to read a book, you can thank the glue holding

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