Distant but United: The Industry’s Response to COVID-19

It’s hard these days to not be consumed by news reports, daily policy changes, and new findings about COVID-19. News of the virus has completely consumed US and global attention, and the spread of the virus has dramatically changed the daily life of our nation. In a country where widespread shutdowns seemed almost unfathomable a

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Judging a Book Beyond its Cover: QC for Bookbinding

At a time when customers can choose between e-books or print books, today’s print and publishing market is competitive. But despite the growth of digital communications, print still remains the most popular format for books. With the print industry showing no signs of slowing down, there is little room for quality issues. Books must be

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Leave the Adhesive for Food Packaging to Us

If you’re in the food packaging industry, chances are you spend a lot of time thinking about how to satisfy your customers while also trying to comply with food safety standards and avoid costly product recalls. It’s easy to see how juggling all of these needs can cause potential issues like those highlighted in a

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Adhesive Tips for Cold Weather

Fall is in full swing and temperatures are dropping. These colder temperatures can affect your hot melt and water-based adhesive applications and bonds, so we’ve compiled some solutions for these common problems. Using Hot Melts Low temperatures increase adhesive viscosity, which can cause messy stringing during hot melt application. But with a few adjustments, you

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