Bond flexible materials with a hot melt designed to withstand high temperatures. ASP-8355 is a sprayable or extrudable hot melt that displays a long open time, forming strong bonds. This adhesive may be used to bond fabrics, flexible urethane foams, and cloth-backed vinyl to various surfaces, including polyolefin plastics and ABS. ASP-8355 is suitable for applications such as product assembly, foam bonding and mattress construction. Superior adhesion reduces product returns from field failures, and its high heat resistance reduces transportation-related failures. Our line of Adhesion Science hot melts are designed to provide product longevity and durability for any application.


APPLICATION: Foam Bonding, Product Assembly, Mattress Construction

VISCOSITY: 7200 cps @ 350°F; 11500 cps @ 325°F


FORM: Pillows