Product Feature: ASP-8355

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Product Feature:  ASP-8355

Keep flexible materials intact with a hot melt designed to withstand high temperatures. ASP-8355 is a sprayable or extrudable hot melt that displays a long open time, which forms strong bonds. Superior adhesion reduces product returns from field failures, and its high heat resistance reduces transportation-related failures. This adhesive may be used to bond fabrics, flexible urethane foams, and cloth-backed vinyl to various surfaces, including polyolefin plastics and ABS. ASP-8355 is suitable for applications such as product assembly, foam bonding and mattress construction. Our line of Adhesion Science hot melts are designed to provide product longevity and durability for any application.


APPLICATION: Product Assembly

VISCOSITY: 7200 cps @ 350°F


SOLIDS: 100%

FORM: Pillows