Standard Adhesive Squares™ Brand Adhesive Dots

Adhesive Squares™ brand adhesive dots are double-sided, pressure-sensitive adhesive dots formulated on a release liner to bond instantly to almost any surface. Engineered with PEAP™ (Pre-Engineered Adhesive Patch) Technology, each square, strip or patch is designed to a uniform thickness, resulting in a stronger and more consistent adhesion than can be obtained through other curved surface dots. Adhesive Squares™ double sided tape is primarily used in packaging, but other applications include carpet tile installation, case and carton sealing, product assembly, shipping and handling and more. Learn more about our Adhesive Squares™ brand adhesive dots by visiting the Adhesive Squares™ website.


ECO-Squares® Biodegradable Adhesive Dots

In addition to our standard Adhesive Squares™ brand adhesive dots, we offer biodegradable ECO-Squares®. ECO-Squares® biodegradable adhesive dots are just like Adhesive Squares™, except sourced from biodegradable materials. Now you can get the same high-performance adhesive without compromising the environment. Find out the facts and data behind ECO-Squares® biodegradable adhesive dots by visiting the ECO-Squares® website.

Assembly Squares™ Brand Adhesive Dots

Most applications in the assembly industry require more than a 1/2" dot of adhesive. That's where Assembly Squares™ provide a second set of helping hands. From the assembly of a large scale automobile to a small scale electronic device, Assembly Squares™ are designed to match your exact specifications. Our range of assorted bond levels allows you to choose the level of adhesion your application requires, whether removable or permanent. Learn more about Assembly Squares™ by visiting the Assembly Squares™ website.

Build-A-Bond™ Adhesive Squares™ Engineering Tool

Build-A-Bond™ allows you to select the desired dimensions of your Adhesive Squares™ product as well as bond strength, mil thickness and other options. When you submit your request, a technical representative from RSI will follow up with you to discuss your application and project requirements in detail. To engineer your own Adhesive Squares™ product, visit Build-A-Bond™!