RS Industrial Introduces First-Ever Biodegradable Adhesive Dot

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RS Industrial Introduces First-Ever Biodegradable Adhesive Dot

Biodegradable ECO-Squares® Deliver Sustainability by Reducing Waste and Energy Consumption  

BUFORD, Ga., September 29, 2014 – RS Industrial, Inc., a leading industrial adhesives manufacturer and distributor, is proud to announce ECO-Squares®, the first-ever adhesive dots conscientiously developed from biodegradable materials.

“Meeting market expectation for a biodegradable adhesive dot has been a central focus of RS Industrial,” said RSI Sustainability Advisor Matthew Ingerson. “As our customers focus on having biodegradable labels, bottles and packaging, we want to ensure their adhesive is just as environmentally responsible.”

As the first innovation in years to hit the pre-formed adhesive market, ECO-Squares® aid in accomplishing a truly sustainable product, including the adhesive used to hold it together.

During 34 days of bio-methane potential testing, 35% biodegradation of ECO-Squares® is shown to occur in an anaerobic environment. ECO-Squares® create less waste through biodegradation and are formulated in a high tack level, making it possible for customers to enjoy high-performance adhesion without compromising the environment.

Unlike hot melts that require heat during application, ECO-Squares® reduce the risk for burns, offering employees increased safety. The absence of heat also provides customers with long-term savings by decreasing energy costs and down time in their facilities.

There is no “greenwashing” with the release of ECO-Squares®, but rather factual claims backed by scientific data that can be viewed at For further information about ECO-Squares®, Assembly Squares™ or Adhesive Squares™, contact us at 1-800-844-1740.